Serving the Shenandoah Valley and Surrounding Area. Providing Quality Websites & Design At Affordable Prices. Professional websites for just $20/mo.

Serving the Shenandoah Valley and Surrounding Area

Providing Quality Websites & Design At Affordable Prices.

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Limitless Customization

Our websites are built in WordPress. So your site comes with an advanced admin panel and is highly configurable. You can edit and update whatever you want.


Responsive Design

Most websites now-a-days are accessed through mobile phones and devices and it is important that we build sites that work on all browser sizes.


Affordable Prices

We provide professional customized websites, hosting & all, for a low monthly price of $20/mo. And if you want more than just a website, we have design services available as well.

We build websites for those who need websites the most: small business owners, churches, artists, and brides.

We know that great websites can cost a fortune, but those who need them most won't be able to afford them. That is why we focus on keeping our prices so low.

Our Process

Simple & Personable


Step 1

Browse our selection of quality themes and designs. We can customize the color and content of any theme.

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Step 2

Fill out our quick-and-easy order form where you get to pick and choose what you want on your website.

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Step 3

We will contact you to set up a personal consultation because we like to build partnerships, not transactions.

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Step 4

We will build out your beautiful, responsive website in WordPress — bringing your ideas into reality.

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Step 5

The Big Launch! Going live can be very exciting, but we also walk you through how to update your own website.

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Any business, small or big, that does not have a website is truly missing out on one of the most powerful marketing tools available to them.

A website is important because it helps you establish credibility as a business.

Why Choose Valley Websites

Best $20 you'll ever spend


Professional Quality

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We pride ourselves in the fact that we build websites that are not only professional in appearance, but quality in functionality and usability. We build websites that outshine competitors and bring in people to your business.



Responsive Design

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This feature will transform your website for mobile-ready viewing when visited from an iPhone, iPod touch, Android, Palm Pre, Samsung touch and BlackBerry Storm/Torch mobile devices.



Social Media Integration

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Let your viewers stay connected to you and your business. Social Media is important to get your name out there, and our websites have social media options integrated in them so that you can utilize them to their full potential.


Wow-Factors Included

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Give yourself an edge with some of our theme features like the interactive galleries. Each theme provides unique and innovative ways to view galleries of products, designs, photos, or whatever you need to put in a gallery.


Easy Updating

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Your website will be built on the WordPress Content Management System. This platform will allow you to have complete editing control over your new site.


Low Monthly Price

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Our websites are valued well over $2,000 (not even including hosting and domain registration), but we only charge $20/mo for them.


Hosting & Domain Included

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Setting up hosting and domain registration can be complicated and expensive. Let us handle it for you. We provide 5GB of space and 5GB of bandwidth (almost 5 times what most websites actually need).


Quick Turn-Around

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We work fast. Our websites can built in just a few days, though we prefer to have a few weeks so that we can get all of the content where it needs to be.


Relationships Over Transations

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We value business relationships over business transactions. You are more than just a customer to us.



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We use hosting services that run solely on wind energy. So as far website building companies go, we pride ourselves on being green.

It is important to know that you have a team of people invested in helping you and your business.

Just because we are an internet-based business, does not mean that we cannot meet in person. If you would like to schedule a personal meeting with someone from our team, then please let us know.

Meet Our Team

Who We Are

Chelsea Kight

Chelsea Kight

Designer & Developer

Design is my life! I love designing and building WordPress sites.

Waynesboro, VA

Chelsie Gordon

Chelsie Gordon


My name is Chelsie and I would LOVE to be your photographer!

Harrisonburg, VA

Michael Morrow

Michael Morrow


Self motivated, go getter and all around creative mastermind.

Waynesboro, VA

Now Hiring!

Now Hiring!

Marketing Manager

We need someone who won’t mind doing some marketing work for our company. Email Chelsea Kight if you are interested.

An online presence is your most powerful investment!

Don’t take shortcuts with your public face. No other marketing tool offers a better opportunity to grow your business and see real results. Your website can deliver substantial return on investment, and Valley Websites can help get you there. And we only charge $20/mo. You will not find a better deal anywhere else!

Themes help define how a website will function. Colors, content, graphics, etc. are all customizable.

We use themes for a number of reasons: They help make sure that we are using top-of-the-line development features, keep our costs low, and turn-around-time quicker. We work hard to select some of the best themes around. If you do not like what we have, let us know and we will work with you to find some that you may like better.

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Whether you are a small business owner, church, inventor, entrepreneur, artist, designer, author, musician... you need a website.

In the world we live in increasingly people are turning to the Internet to find information, and if you don’t have a presence on the Internet you will not only be making it more difficult for people to find you, but you will be sending the wrong message.

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Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.  We would love to hear from you.

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We love The Valley and we love serving The Valley.

The Shenandoah Valley remains a vibrant, historic region especially touched by nature. With its postcard-like scenery, rich history, incomparable natural resources, outstanding recreational opportunities, fertile fields, and friendly people... who wouldn't love living here.